ireland students

Students from Ireland in New York

All the summer, students from various universities of Ireland visiting New York due to the special student program for all students in the Republic of Ireland.

ireland students
In the first wave of undergraduates students of University College of Dublin, visited all highlights of New York together with students from New York Universities, and discussed all the pluses of United States and to live in this country. Students counted all the pluses and minuses and made a decision, that there are much more pluses, and they are growing up.

From another side, students mentioned that there are no such big gardens, not a lot of trees and just a few big parks, where schoolboys can prepare for their studying.

After the summer, many students from New York waiting for the trip to the Ireland, Dublin. Where they can follow the most exciting and interesting for the colleges and education places.

The most interesting for the student’s place to visit these days is Dublin City University, where not far ago, were invented the new method of gathering wireless energy. Using this technology people can forget about any charges, which require wires and regular electricity sockets in the walls.

Talking about the minuses of the country – students from such hot state of America, mentioned a huge wind and cold weather, which requires sweater even in the summer-time. However, it does not influence the opinion of the country.

How can students from America help to the Irish students?

There is no doubt that sharing information among students is a big deal. Only with sharing people can gather new information, improve themselves and do better. Even if the same program is studying, there is always something to discuss. Because of it such meetings and travels are important. They helping to make students among the world more friendly and communicative.