What Can I Study in Ireland?

What Can I study in Ireland? This is the most common question not only for students from abroad but from the Irish undergraduates too.

Definitely, people who know little about this wonderful country can be in struggle choosing the right education they want and need. More over it is more complicated to find the right educational house, such as college or school to feel comfortable in.

But happy to us, the government of Ireland has a beautiful website, which can choose for you. All undergraduate or postgraduate courses can be chosen on automatically bases here: http://www.educationinireland.com/en/What-can-I-study-/Undergraduate-Postgraduate-Courses/. What can be easier? Nothing.

Okay, come closer and let’s sort it out. What it is made from and how easy we can jump in.  

As we can see from the screen, we have more over 3577 options to study. Absolutely different and independent from each other.

From the menu, we can choose the Subject we want to study (We can put in more than thousand of subjects starting from medicine, ending with water scientists). After that, we can choose the city to study in. Depends on the preferences we can choose Dublin, Galway, Cork, Limerick, Waterford and other top cities. The program offers you the college which is based in this city.

Top universities to study in Ireland

trinity college dublin

However, we wouldn’t advise chose the university based on the rating only. As known that rating is not everything, much more important the tutors in. But we can’t neglect the statistics and will name top 3 universities in Ireland, just to keep you closer to your dream to study in. Based in 4icu.org rank all 3 universities belong to Dublin:

  1. Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin
  2. University College Dublin
  3. Dublin City University

It doesn’t mean that other cities all less popular. For example next after go University College Cork, Cork and the University of Limerick, based in Limerick. They are in high authority and well-known not only in Ireland but and around the world.

Nevertheless, It is not all just to choose the right University to study in, the next question how to successfully apply to one of these educational homes. How to write my paper or application form to pass all the questions with ease and get the placement in university. We would say it is the hardest part of the path to the high education.

There is no doubt, that the application form should be made with all professional triggers, following all the forms and styles. It can’t be just written by the undergraduate, it should be checked by the professionals. It can be organization or teacher, or tutor. But don’t keep it as it is. Such assessment paper should like a persuasive essay, which will influent the reader that you know what you want to study and have all the bases to fulfill the team of professional students with talents and will.

It is as much as important as studying well, be active and keep all your work in perfect condition. Only if you keep your hand on the pulse you will achieve desired results not only in writing but in the life.

We hope we explained you all the aspects you were interested in.

If you want to know more about Ireland universities, please read our previous topics about it.

educational placement

Ireland as education placement for USA

We all know that since ages both countries Ireland and the United States of America have had doubts about their relationships, and all the times tried to show who is stronger and what do they deal with. Not always it finishes with a good end, but countries haven’t stopped.

But glad to us, this times is no longer available, and today we are leaving with peace to each other.

And what does it mean? Peace for what? I will define you what is this. This opens doors for education placement for students from both sides. As long as Irish students come to the USA to study, American students available to do the same. What for?

Sure, the weather is not the strongest point of us, has been admitted in the post below. But other advantages are much stronger than this one minus.

First of all, we are the country of the talents. Many talented characters were born in the Ireland with worldwide famous, not only because they are orange. But because of the shine from inside.

What stars? Sure, one of the most popular scientists from Ireland is Adrian Raftery, who already got the medal in St. Patricks day as the most successful scientist among other Irish scientists in the year 2017. Does it good? Definitely.

He is very cool and brings the science in the Ireland on the top of the culture and popularity. It means that more and more students and undergraduates will apply to high science in many educational placements. As a result, the amount of smart people will grow up, and the future will be bright as ever.

So to make it clear, we all need to point out. Be students is a great privelege and step forward of each country to each one. All educational placements and other stuff will make both countries closed and as a result stronger.


Why international students should choose Ireland?

In far 2014 one of the international students described why other students should choose Ireland as a place for a higher education and described all pluses and minuses of it. We are happy to share this video with you and can say with all respect, that there is many truth in his words. And choosing the university you need to follow not only your heart but the brain as well. Choose good university. Do a right decision

We agree, that in the world there are plenty decent places to study in. But absolutely there is no place such as Ireland.





ireland students

Students from Ireland in New York

All the summer, students from various universities of Ireland visiting New York due to the special student program for all students in the Republic of Ireland.

ireland students
In the first wave of undergraduates students of University College of Dublin, visited all highlights of New York together with students from New York Universities, and discussed all the pluses of United States and to live in this country. Students counted all the pluses and minuses and made a decision, that there are much more pluses, and they are growing up.

From another side, students mentioned that there are no such big gardens, not a lot of trees and just a few big parks, where schoolboys can prepare for their studying.

After the summer, many students from New York waiting for the trip to the Ireland, Dublin. Where they can follow the most exciting and interesting for the colleges and education places.

The most interesting for the student’s place to visit these days is Dublin City University, where not far ago, were invented the new method of gathering wireless energy. Using this technology people can forget about any charges, which require wires and regular electricity sockets in the walls.

Talking about the minuses of the country – students from such hot state of America, mentioned a huge wind and cold weather, which requires sweater even in the summer-time. However, it does not influence the opinion of the country.

How can students from America help to the Irish students?

There is no doubt that sharing information among students is a big deal. Only with sharing people can gather new information, improve themselves and do better. Even if the same program is studying, there is always something to discuss. Because of it such meetings and travels are important. They helping to make students among the world more friendly and communicative.